Adaptive Health Lifestyle

Meet The Founder

Jean Thorpe-Williams specializes in helping busy women reclaim their health, lose weight, and boost wellness. As a doctorate prepared nurse practitioner, Jean uses her nursing knowledge to provide sound recommendations for health & wellness as well as health promotion and disease management.

With the fast-paced lifestyle of today, she understands how critical it is to provide easy strategies to incorporate healthy choices into her clients’ daily life as they embark on their journey to living a healthier lifestyle. In addition to working as a nurse practitioner & nurse educator, Jean is the founder of Adaptive Health Lifestyle, LLC.

“We support busy women on their journey to live a healthy lifestyle through losing weight and developing healthy habits to achieve balance in their lives.”
– Jean Thorpe-Williams, Founder

Personalized Health Plans

We use our expertise and passion for holistic health to walk with you on your journey to live healthily, recapture joy, renew your strength, and restore balance in your life.


Living a healthy lifestyle starts with
you! Once you make the decision to take
control of your health, we assist on your
journey to remain healthy by developing
good habits.


Health and strength go
hand-in-hand. By fostering a healthy
lifestyle, we help you regain your physical,
emotional, and mental strength.


We believe that joy is a key element in
achieving optimal wellness. By addressing
your mindset, we encourage a mentality of
joy to carry you through your health journey.


Creating balance in your life starts
with your health. Through ongoing coaching
and support, we give you the tools and
strategies needed to create balance in your

Our Purpose

Adaptive Health Lifestyle was born from the desire to serve others with the principle of promoting self-care amongst busy individuals–especially busy mothers and career women who have little to no time to look after their health.

With the purpose to motivate and encourage patients, at Adaptive Health Lifestyle we give you the power to advocate for yourself and take control of your life. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated, we’re here to help you every step of the way!